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Under The Trees

by Cold Dezert

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released June 9, 2017

Bass/Vocals: Manos Tiganis
Guitar: Vag Walker
Drums: Nikos Soultoukis
Keys/Synth: Madness key

Recorded,mixed and produced by
Blak Humor & Madness key at Temple of Pandas studio
Executive production: Cold Dezert, 2017
Art Direction & Design by Bewild Brother



all rights reserved


Cold Dezert Athens, Greece

Athens,Greece based band consist of:
Bass/Vocals: Manos Tiganis
Guitar: Vag Walker
Drums: Nikos Soultoukis
Keys/Synth: Madness key

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Track Name: Under the trees
Behind the trees,i see a witch
holding my life into her hands
with no regrets...
so make my a seed,that's all i need
to put in and disappear
to grow and see clear
to stand high with no shame
to have no name and feel no pain
under the tree the seed is me!!!
Track Name: Save me
With my white skin I'm safe
No reason to be afraid
Dirty thoughts inside my home
so young and you kill my soul

Save me from this shit I deal

Trying to escape from this blind logic
Feel it believe it like magic
Now pray and hear the holy sound
lowborn child die on this round
Track Name: In me
I woke up a dark morning
the sun was covered up
the moon was everywhere..

i'm feeling ok - i'm feeling awake
but i can't lie - i'm a fake
i drink a lot - i smoke a lot
with this thoughts - something broke

right now i'm fucked up
already put the gun up
voices echoing in my head
can i get off, of this shit?

The haze began ,but i feel so numb
Track Name: Shady rose
Moaning in my head
Lying in my bed
Stop pretending that this is real

My blue girl, my blue girl
Look into my eyes, into my eyes
Despair or, or surprise
is what I see in you, what I see in you

Moaning in my head
Lying in my bed
You better leave me and set me free

And you keep smiling
And you keep trying
And you keep shouting
And you keep drowning
And you keep dancing
And you keep asking
How do I put up with this shit..?
Track Name: The bruiser
He get's on with life
as a easy rider
he's dark kinda dude
gambling on sundays drinking black rum
he likes to wonder alone
and starts to daydream
his mind turns straight to fight
he likes to shout hell yeah
at the time his head is high
but when he stops ,his mind turns straight to fight
with jeff and drake ,they meet up in black horse eyes
but when he left alone ,his mind turns

hes not to fond of low and hates girls who laugh
but just thinks back to fight and he is happy once again
for a time and a half
Track Name: Anger sleeps
It's a war with me and I
nothing left only the demon inside
i gotta fight i got to try
but there is nothing left
only the demon inside me
i don't now rules of do and don't
it's the same face you have in front
keeping memories it's a cruel demon
the demon of noose
Summon up my demons
my fucking road is the way i choose
your moody mind has to pause
i don't need you to feel strong
anger sleeps in me ... or not
i will put my self back from this spot

...i see the black hole with the thick smoke
anger sleeps in me or not...
each time i fight each time i loose